Brick Interloacking
Why Spend More Time And Money?

There is no reason to stick to expensive brick-laying techniques when there are solutions in place that have been tested for decades, which will make you construction project more affordable to the builder and to the client. The biggest problems builders and DIY people face today is finding a reliable and long-lasting faux brick material that will perform to their standards. Instead of laying brick the market is moving toward the panels configuration which provides a real affordable, green and durable solution.

Choices, Choices, Choices.

Another problem people face today is the lack of choices when picking a product that goes well with the design of a new construction. Builders don't pay those exorbitant amounts on architects simply to end up not finding the correct color and texture material to complement the design. Creating a renewable and synthetic brick veneer allow us to offer a large variety of colors, textures, panel size and accessories for any design.

The Test Of Time

If you are, even at a basic level, a person who uses the web to look for answers to the most important questions then you will probably quickly find examples of fake brick veneer sheets applied to interior or exterior construction projects. What most old-school bricks show are the failed properties of these man-made materials. Real or thin brick will quickly create the typical mold and ugly lines created by the rain mixed to changing temperatures. Online you will also find sheets of polyurethane that will show how unchanged the look of the brick is after year of operations. If you don’t have water absorbed by the material you will also not see the damages.

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